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Coach in Prague

Coming from the US, and having years of world class martial arts training, earning two medals from the Junior Olympics, many regional golds, and teaching children Taekwondo, I realized that helping others to achieve lasting peak performance is my passion.


Life's too short to struggle with confidence, nerves or anxiety, and thoughts of not being good enough. Let me help you to exceed your potential. My martial arts master taught me that our limits are only walls to be demolished. Learn and develop ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals.

Get in touch today to see what I can do for you.

Parallel Lines


Cord started a 10 month mindset coaching course with Ivan Cernohorsky in 2018. In February of 2019 he completed the ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) in the workplace trainers course for coaches and clinical psychologists held in London with Paul Flaxman and Ross McIntosh.


Cord spent many years gaining experience not only in sports and music, but also in business, having spent over 4 years in the corporate environment of eBay in the IT/Marketing sphere. Project management, managing key stakeholder expectations, and quarterly and yearly project planning were all part of the daily job. During his time at eBay he was certified as a LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt, Agile Product Owner, SCRUM Master, Modern Project Manager, as well as having created over 50 e-learning practical training courses.


Cord is also a certified personal trainer and LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT instructor.


He studied International Relations at Anglo-American University.


Cord first moved to the Czech Republic in 2009 through an exchange program. He speaks fluent Czech almost as a native speaker, and is a native English speaker from the West Coast of the United States. He enjoys cooking and traveling with his wife.



10 month Mindset Coaching Course through Mindset Academy with Ivan Cernohorsky

This course was focused on the fundamentals of mindset coaching and the proper techniques to be used to help future clients or acquaintances come to the conclusions to their questions through finding the answers within themselves. By asking multiple questions and showing genuine interest and an ability to listen, a good coach is able to reflect what a person is saying, and help them reframe and change their automatic thinking around life. This also helps them gain a new perspective that is more successful. Much of the course was based around helping clients to understand themselves, understanding ourselves, and then learning the different tactics and methodologies to help clients reach their goals quickly, with lasting results.

4 month Sports Psychology in Athlete Development through FC Barcelona Lead by Ana Merayo García

This course covers 4 main pillars of learning: the life of an elite athlete, psychological variables and sport performance, psychological intervention techniques, and contextualizing the elite athlete environment. The first pillar, the life of an elite athlete, goes over the stages and possibilities for interventions during transitioning periods of an elite athlete's career. The second pillar focuses on attention and concentration, motivation, anxiety and stress, and self-confidence. The third pillar is on intervention techniques and creating an intervention plan. The fourth is on the athlete's life as a whole, and finding context in their families, upbringing, and club culture.

ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) in the Workplace Workshop by Contextual Consulting Lead by Paul Flaxman and Ross McIntosh

Intensive 2 day workshop in London, England on using and leading ACT based intervention and techniques in workplace scenarios. The workshops that the studies were based around lasted about 15 hours. This course gave it's participants the materials and abilities to lead this same type of workshop, and have the knowledge and skills to use it in their daily practices as well. Some of the techniques include diffusion, reframing, mindfulness, value setting, taking committed action, and long-term gratitude and mindfulness activities to reduce stress and anxiety.


Instructor of Fitness through FitPraha Lead by Ales Vitek


This classic personal trainer course was done individually with pillars around human physiology, diagnostics, diet, safety, exercise tactics and techniques, as well as dealing with injuries. Much of this knowledge is extremely useful in sessions with clients, as Cord is able to give a professional recommendation and understanding about the physical health side of life along with the mental health.

LEAN Six Sigma, Modern Project Management, SCRUM Master, Product Owner

These courses cover a wide gamut of project management and IT procedures. Cord spent multiple years working both in IT and marketing as a project manager, and uses especially the planning and organization tactics to help his clients.

2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and BODYCOMBAT Instructor

Cord has a long background in martial arts, and the 2nd degree black belt signals the instructor level. Cord spent years working as an assistant instructor to his Master JeKyoung Kim before reaching the Junior Olympics and attaining 2 bronze medals in 2008. This brought a wide range of knowledge of world cultures, buddhist and taoist thoughts, mindfulness and breathing techniques, as well as the knowledge and ability to teach others how to overcome their mental limits to help them reach their physical goals.

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