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How to get rid of guilt about food!
  • Find respect for yourself and your body!

  • Learn how to process negative emotions effectively, so you remove the urge to overeat.​​

  • Find the motivation to stick to your weight loss program.​

  • Learn to accept yourself for who you are, and become a better person.

  • Find gratitude for your food and where it comes from.

  • Feel comfortable eating in front of others, or by yourself without outside distractions!

If you want to lose weight, or lead a healthy lifestyle, then this is something you need to read. You're getting one of the biggest secrets to weight loss. If you haven't conquered your emotions, if you still binge eat, if you haven't chosen to start losing weight, then this is for you. This guide will walk you through one of the most important aspects of long-term health. You'll learn how to deal with negative emotions, and how to develop a positive relationship to your food.​

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