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eBook Own Your Story:

A guide to losing weight, building better habits, and resolving emotional struggles

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You've all heard that losing weight, building a healthy lifestyle is 70 or 80% diet, and 30% exercise. This book turns that idea around by adding another factor, mindset. In order to lose weight, build healthy habits, or be someone who works towards a long healthy life, work on mindset and emotions is key. This book not only gives you a blueprint to the diet that worked for me to lose 35 kilos (73 lbs) but it also walks you through exactly how to deal with binge eating, emotional eating, creating a new, loving relationship to your food, and maintaining success after going through the program.

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Checking Weight

Have you tried everything to lose weight and it still hasn't come off?

If this is you, then like so many others, you have studied, tried different diets and taken the advice from so many friends and still the weight doesn't seem to be coming off. This was my story 5 years ago, and this book is a guarantee to not only help you lose weight, but help you correct the habits that you've created. The reason for not succeeding with previous diets will mainly have to do with your mindset and emotions. That's why this book is different. A weight loss book that goes beyond just the physical how, but goes into all the reasons for having bad habits and solving them.

Vegan, Vegetarian, veggie-curious?

This book walks you through my life and my journey towards not only losing weight, but becoming sustainably healthy through cleansing and a plant-based diet. You'll find out all of the emotional advantages to changing your diet towards one that is plant-based, and reap the health benefits that goes along with that.

If anyone claims that a vegan or vegetarian diet in and of itself is healthy they are gravely mistaken. I would argue the contrary, that becoming overweight on a vegan diet is even easier than on a carnist diet. If someone chooses a vegan diet for the animals or the environment, their priority more often than not is not their health. This creates tendencies to forget that eating just the sides and not changing your habits when it comes to food is not helpful to yourself or others.


This is not just a diet book!

This is so much more of a story than a book on how to make your diet successful. I walk you through my history, all of my experiences growing up in the US, moving to Europe, gaining weight because of emotional pain, and why I couldn't lose weight, even though I thought I was eating way healthier than everyone around me.

I have been a guinea pig for all of you, and this is a fantastic opportunity to learn from my experiences, see how much of a role emotions and mindset plays in losing weight, and start your journey towards owning your story!

This is a story book, a guide, a workbook, and something that's thought provoking -challenging traditional beliefs around food, all at the same time.

Patient on Scale

About me

I’m a mindset coach, a vegan, and also someone who’s lost 35 kilos total over the course of about 2 years. This book will take you through my upbringing, all the bad habits that I knew as “normal”, and why I learned that they’re not “normal”. Many of those habits you’ll see similarly in yourself, maybe that you’ve never realized. I’ll take you through the emotional ups and downs of losing weight, and give you the keys to dealing with your emotions, and setting you up for success when it comes to emotions and mindset. Most diets don’t succeed or fail based on knowledge, but on mindset and one’s ability to deal with emotions after all.


The second half of the book is all about my path to weight loss, and why it has worked for me, and why I believe that for those that struggle with their weight and losing weight, this is going to work. It’s a plant-based, raw cleanse that starts with a water fast, and really focuses on breaking down and conquering our bad habits, while building new, good ones. By the end of the book, you’ll not only be ready and driven to make changes and set off on a journey of change, you’ll have the tools and guide to care for yourself and your emotions so that it’s a long-term change.

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What's in the book?

The book is broken up into 7 large sections.


In the first of those, we're going to confront our cultural biases and habits created towards food, both good and bad. This section of the book is going to walk you through my childhood, and will remind yourself a ton of your own as well.

In the second section, we dig into emotions and food. I get very vulnerable here in talking about my story, and this will hopefully allow you to open up and admit to yourself the pain and some of the same issues you've faced.

The third section walks us through the advantages of choosing a plant-based diet when it comes to weight loss and emotions.

In the fourth section we've finally arrived at how I've lost all of my weight through raw vegan cleansing, starting with fasting.

In the fifth section with look at cleansing in general, and why I've chosen to call the cleanse that I owe my current life to, the anti-addiction cleanse.

In the sixth section we go over the full raw cleanse, my feelings through each phase, how to deal with failure, and the continuation after the cleanse to ensure long-term success.

In the seventh and last section we focus on long-term change, and how to mentally and emotionally ensure that your efforts are sustainable.

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